Sherlock’s Locksmith recently took on the task of repairing a malfunctioning push bar at an educational facility in Pittsburgh, PA. This facility has heavy daily foot traffic, where staff and students often use the emergency exit fitted with a push bar. Over time, the constant force on the push bar had caused it to become misaligned, which made it hard to open the door. The school management knew how important it was to make sure the emergency exits worked properly, so they called us right away for push bar repair.

Scope of Push Bar Repair

Initial Assessment

Sherlock’s Locksmith sent a skilled commercial locksmith onsite to check out the state of the push bar and figure out why it was not working. We carefully checked the push bar mechanism for any signs of damage, such as wear, misalignment, or other issues.

Identification of Issues

When we inspected the push bar, we saw it had become misaligned due to worn-out components and loose connections. In addition, corrosion had affected some parts of the push bar system, which led to further issues with its function.

Disassembly and Cleaning

Our locksmith carefully took apart the push bar mechanism, noting where each part went so that we could put it back together again. Then, using special cleaning solutions and tools, we gently cleaned the parts to get rid of any dirt, debris, and rust buildup.

Replacement of Worn-out Parts

We replaced any worn-out or broken parts with high-quality, compatible parts from trusted makers. That included changing any worn-out springs, corroded screws, or other parts that were causing the problem.

Alignment and Adjustments

After cleaning the push bar mechanism and putting in the new parts, we aligned and adjusted the assembly to make sure it worked smoothly. Also, we adjusted the positioning of the push bar and the hardware that goes with it to make it work better and be more reliable.

Testing and Quality Assurance

After the repairs were done, we put the push bar through a series of tests to make sure it worked. We used a series of mock emergencies and stress tests to see how well the push bar worked.

Final Inspection and Certification

After verifying that the repair worked, we did a final inspection to make sure the push bar met safety standards and industry standards. Sherlock’s Locksmith gave the building management a detailed report that explained how we did the repair and ensured compliance with all relevant guidelines.

Ensuring Safety and Efficiency With Timely Push Bar Repair

Repairing the push bars on exit doors is an important part of keeping emergency exits in buildings safe and working. These bars are important parts of evacuation plans because they make getting out of the building quick and easy. A damaged or broken push bar can make it harder for people to leave a building quickly. Yet, with a timely fix on this exit device, the door stays functional and easy to use whenever you need it.

If you are a building manager or owner, you have the responsibility to keep occupants safe. By taking care of problems as soon as possible, you show how committed you are to disaster preparedness and safety standards. Therefore, fixing the push bars on exit doors should be a top priority in order to save lives and lessen the impacts of emergencies.

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