Sherlock’s Locksmith recently enhanced the security of a home in Pittsburgh, PA, after a sudden surge in neighborhood break-ins. The client was worried that their existing setup—a standard doorknob with a slide bolt—did not quite cut it in the security aspect. To address their concerns, they asked us for a more robust solution. We suggested a door lock installation: a double locking system featuring both a single-cylinder deadbolt and a reinforced knob lock.

Scope of the Door Lock Installation

Here is how our residential locksmith tackled the job:

Pre-installation of the Locks

Within minutes of arriving, our skilled locksmith began the process by checking out the existing door hardware. We prepped the door for the new locks by removing the old doorknob. To make room for the deadbolt, we drilled a new borehole. We also made a few adjustments to the door’s structure to make sure it would provide the highest level of security.

Lock Installation

Next, we put in the new deadbolt and aligned it properly with the new knob lock to make the door secure. After the deadbolt was in place, we fitted the new knob lock, ensuring both worked and reinforced each other.

Post-installation of the Locks

The locksmith also took the time to brief the client on how to keep their locks in good shape. In doing so, the client could maintain their security and functionality as the years pass. As a last step, we had to thoroughly test both locks to make sure they were working and providing the right level of security.

The client expressed great satisfaction with the professionalism and efficiency of the service provided by Sherlock’s Locksmith. They felt significantly more secure with the upgraded locks. The new locks not only fortified their home against potential break-ins but also gave them peace of mind, knowing that their residence was safer. Their positive reviews emphasized how crucial it is to have a timely and expert installation to boost home security.

Reinforce Your Home Entry With Dual Locks

Picture this: you finally make it home after a grueling day, all set to relax and let go of the stress. Yet you found out that someone had messed with your front door. Break-ins are just another unpleasant surprise that residents of the Pittsburgh area get to experience on a regular basis. For an extra layer of security, consider doubling up on the locks on your front door. Adding a deadbolt to a regular knob lock can really shake things up. Who needs a fortress when you have a single-cylinder deadbolt and a knob lock working in tandem? With this power duo, those pesky thieves would not stand a chance.

Why leave your home open to danger when a deadbolt installation is so simple? Break-ins are much less likely to happen when you have two locks on your front door. You can also relax knowing that your home is safe. Imagine that your front door has a single-cylinder deadbolt and a knob lock. Is it not comforting to know that your home and the people you care about are all safe? Hence, improving the security of your home is as easy as making your front door stronger. This solution shows that a small investment in added security can make a big difference.

Wondering how secure your home really is in Pittsburgh, PA? At Sherlock’s Locksmith, we are experts at professional door lock installation to fortify your home with robust dual locks. In fact, adding a deadbolt is an easy and budget-friendly option that can make a big difference in your home’s overall safety. Why wait until it is too late? Install these strong locking devices on your door to keep your place safe from break-ins. Contact us now to find out more about our residential locksmith services and take a step towards a safer home.