Sherlock’s Locksmith recently enhanced a Pittsburgh, PA, home with a high-security door lock installation. The client, who had just moved into the apartment, wanted a lock that would keep everyone safe and make life easier for everyone in the family. With our locksmith’s help, they ought to find a keypad lock that meets the new homeowner’s need for both heightened security and convenience.

Scope of the Door Lock Installation

Let us see how our locksmith completed this lock installation:

Client Consultation and Lock Selection

The job started with a thorough meeting to find out the client’s specific security needs and preferences. After talking about their options, the client decided on the Hornbill smart keypad lock for its keyless entry feature and enhanced security benefits.

Door Preparation

The first thing our skilled locksmith did to get the door ready for the new system was take off the old doorknob. Next, we carefully drilled a new hole in the door that met the Hornbill lock’s requirements. We made sure that the lock would fit perfectly into the door frame.

Keypad Lock Installation

With careful attention to detail, our locksmith installed the Hornbill lock. We configured the electronic components, tested the keypad to ensure functionality, and secured the lock in place. The installation also included setting up user access codes for family members, providing them with quick, keyless entry.

Lock Testing and Final Adjustments

Once the installation was complete, we ran a series of tests on the lock. We made sure it worked well and that the door was sealed up tight when locked. Then, we also made changes to ensure that the lock mechanism operated smoothly and with no issues.

Client Feedback

The client could not contain their excitement after the new keypad lock installation. They liked the swift, effective transformation of their home’s security. They were beyond thrilled with how simple the lock was to use and how it brought them peace of mind. In their new home, they felt a lot safer because there were multiple ways to access it, and they knew it would last in all kinds of weather. 

Simplify Your Entry with a Smart Keypad Lock

Tired of searching for keys every time you get home? Imagine the simplicity of entering your Pittsburgh, PA, home with just a quick code or a tap on your smartphone. A smart keypad lock eliminates the hassle of keys and provides seamless entry—perfect for when your hands are full of groceries, or you are herding kids inside.

Upgrading to a smart keypad lock boosts your home’s security as well. These locks come equipped with features like random pin generation, which prevents people from guessing your code based on fingerprint marks. They also allow you to check who is coming and going from anywhere, right on your phone. Wondering if your home is as safe and convenient as it could be? Consider the benefits of installing a keypad lock to enhance your security and streamline your daily routine.

Do you want to avoid misplacing your keys each time you enter your Pittsburgh home? Why not get a keypad lock instead? It is easier to use and safer. At Sherlock's Locksmith, our job is to install door locks precisely so that they keep your home safe and make your life easy. Our skilled locksmiths are here to help, whether you need a simple lock change or something more high-tech. Do not delay until it is too late. Call us right now to have a professional install a keypad lock on your home and make it safer.