A Ford owner in Pittsburgh, PA, recently needed extra car key copies to share with family members and have backups in case of lockouts or lost keys. Given their busy schedule, they requested a same-day car key copy service from Sherlock’s Locksmith.

Scope of the Car Key Cutting Service

Here is how we made the car key copy on the spot:

Initial Consultation

The client called Sherlock's Locksmith and explained the need for extra car keys. We double-checked the car’s make and model to make sure we had the right blank keys in stock.


Our locksmith got to the client’s location with advanced laser key-cutting tools and the right blank keys. We checked the original key and the car’s ignition system to ensure proper duplication.

Key Cutting

Using the laser cutting machine, we duplicated the original key to create a perfect copy. The laser cutting tool ensured precision, creating an exact match to the original key.


After cutting, we tested each new key in the car’s ignition and door locks to confirm they worked perfectly. Then, to ensure seamless operation, we made a few more changes to the cut on-site.


After making sure the keys worked, we handed them over to the client to use. We also told them to store the extra keys in a safe place and to keep them in good shape.

Client Feedback

The client expressed deep gratitude for our swift and efficient service. They appreciated the convenience of same-day service and the precision of the duplicated keys. With extra car key copies in hand, the client felt relieved and well-prepared for any future lockout situations.

Why Do You Need a Spare Auto Key Copy

Did you know that a significant number of car owners have experienced car lockouts? Not being able to get into your car can be annoying and frustrating. Having a spare key can save you that trouble. Now, let us say you are in a hurry to get to a meeting in Pittsburgh and lock your keys inside the car. Having a copy of your car key can save your life in these stressful situations. Car key duplication actually ensures that you never find yourself stranded due to misplaced or locked keys in your car. In Pittsburgh, a car locksmith can quickly make you an extra auto key copy, so you are always ready for anything.

Additionally, having extra car keys can be extremely helpful for families. Do you share your car with other family members? An extra car key copy lets everyone have their own and avoids sharing the same key. This simple step can make things easier and prevent problems before they happen. Expert locksmiths in Pittsburgh can do this job in no time. If you have a spare key, you are not only ready for situations, but you can also use your car with greater ease and with no issues.

Do you need a spare car key for your Ford, Toyota, or Honda? Avoid waiting until a car lockout leaves you stranded. Sherlock’s Locksmith in Pittsburgh, PA, offers expert car key duplication services and car key replacements for all major brands. Our auto locksmiths are fast, reliable, and affordable. So why wait? Get a copy of your extra car key from us and drive with confidence, knowing you are ready for any lockout situation. For all of your car keys and locksmith needs, please contact us right away!