Our team at Sherlock's Locksmith recently did a keypad lock installation for a newly moved-in tenant in an apartment in Pittsburgh, PA. The client chose a Yale digital door lock to enhance the security and convenience of their front door. From a keyed lever handle, they upgraded to a modern locking system, preferring the sleek functionality of keyless entry.

Scope of the Keypad Lock Installation Process

Initial Consultation

First, we talked about the client's security needs and went over the Yale keypad lock's features. Our locksmith ensured that the new smart lock met their needs for both protection and ease of use. 

Door Preparation

The lock installation process began with preparing the door. We measured and then drilled a new hole in the door to fit the modern lock. With great caution and precision, we checked if the fit was right and caused no damage to the door's structure. 

Lock Installation

Next, we went ahead and installed the Yale keypad lock. To set it up, we had to attach the new electronic mechanism and connect all the required wires for its digital features. In no time, we had the lock mounted on the door and made sure that it held well in place. 

Testing and Configuration

After the lock installation, we ran a thorough test to ensure it functioned correctly. We also helped the client set up their entry codes and walked them through the lock's features. We taught them how to change codes and use the keyless entry efficiently.

Final Inspection and Cleanup

Before wrapping up, we checked the lock for the last time to make sure everything was functioning flawlessly. Then, we tidied up the work area, leaving the site neat and clean. 

The client was very pleased with their new digital door lock after moving into their new apartment in Pittsburgh. The keyless entry system made their daily life easier and made getting into their home safer. They liked how easy and quick the process was, and they said that the upgrade gave them a lot more peace of mind. 

Benefits of Keypad Locks for Pittsburgh Renters

Are you a renter in Pittsburgh looking to boost both the security and convenience of your front door? Take a look at these compelling reasons why installing a keypad lock can make your life much better: 

Enhanced Security

Keypad locks help you avoid the pitfalls of lost or stolen keys, a common headache for renters. With a smart lock, you have more control over who can get into your property. Plus, you can change your code whenever you need to. 

Ease of Access

Say goodbye to the frustration of searching for keys while your hands are full. A keypad lock lets you unlock your door with just a few button presses, which is great when you are carrying a lot of things at once. 

No More House Lockouts

The fear of getting locked out is a thing of the past with a keypad lock. As long as you remember your code, you can always get into your home—no key needed.

Convenient for Roommates

A keypad lock gets rid of the need for multiple keys if you share your room apartment. Thus, a keyless entry makes it easier to give each roommate safe access without having to worry about duplicate keys.

Temporary Access for Guests

Keypad locks are ideal for giving one-time access to guests or service providers. So, who needs a key when you can have temporary codes that keep your home secure and let you in with ease? 

In a nutshell, not only will keypad locks make your life easier, but they will also keep your house safe and only accessible to the people you trust. Are you ready to take your rental to the next level with this modern convenience? Why not consider installing a keypad lock on your front door? It could be just the thing you need. 

Are you tired of dealing with lost keys or lockouts in your rented space? Consider switching to a keypad lock. At Sherlock's Locksmith, we offer expert keypad lock installation and lock repair services designed just for renters and tenants in and around Pittsburgh, PA. With our certified locksmiths, you do not have to face another lockout. So why wait? Enhance your security and make your daily life easier with our reliable locksmith services. Contact us at Sherlock's Locksmith today and enjoy the convenience of modern, keyless access at your home!