Sherlock’s Locksmith was called for a door lock installation by a client in Pittsburgh, PA. The tenant thought they already had a sturdy lock on the door, which is a passage lever and a keyed deadbolt lock set. Prior to this service, the client reported a break-in attempt that probably used forceful kicks at the apartment unit’s front door. With this incident, the client decided it was time to enhance the security of the door. They chose the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt for its superior safety features and its elegant design that would not ruin their entryway.

Scope of the Door Lock Installation

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the installation process:

Initial Consultation

First, we started by discussing the break-in and evaluating the current locks. We then suggested the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt for its top-notch security features.

Door Preparation

Next, we got the door ready for the new deadbolt. This step involved drilling a new borehole to fit the specifications of the new lock.

Lock Installation

After preparing the door, we installed the deadbolt with precision. We made sure it was in the right alignment and fully operational.

Testing and Tutorial

With the installation complete, we tested the lock to ensure it worked without a glitch. We also showed the client how to use all the features of their new smart deadbolt.


The swift and skillful door lock installation service from Sherlock’s Locksmith thrilled the client. The new smart deadbolt’s enhanced security features gave them peace of mind, and the stylish Camelot trim in satin nickel was the perfect finishing touch to their unit’s front door. This project did not just boost their security; it also elevated the look of their entryway.

What Can You Do to Reinforce Your Apartment’s Front Door

Are you living in Pittsburgh, PA, and hearing too many stories about break-ins nearby? It is natural to think about how well your apartment’s front door can guard you and what is inside. A smart move is to get a lock installation service to fit a smart deadbolt lock. This one is not just any lock—it resists forceful entries and comes with cool tech features that let you control access from anywhere. Imagine being able to lock your door from your phone or let your friends in without making spare keys.


Think about the peace of mind you would have with a smart deadbolt protecting your place. Whether you are at work or out for a jog, you can check your phone to see if you have locked your door. Plus, if you ever need someone to drop by while you are away, you can give them access with just a few taps. In Pittsburgh, PA, upgrading to a smart deadbolt with a professional lock installation service is a smart defense against break-in attempts. Do not wait until it is too late. Reinforce your front door now and enjoy the full confidence of knowing your home is safe and sound, whether you are inside or out and about.

Are you feeling safe enough in your Pittsburgh, PA, home? If you are unsure, it is time to take action with Sherlock’s Locksmith. We offer expert lock installation and lock repair services to make sure your home is as secure as it can be. No matter if you own your home or you are renting, our locksmith Pittsburgh services are tailor-fit for your specific needs and budget. Upgrade your home security with our professional lock installation, or get those nagging lock issues fixed fast with our lock repair services. Contact us now, and let us make your home a safer place together.