Sherlock's Locksmith was called to a Pittsburgh, PA, business to help with an urgent problem. They faced a pressing issue with one of their keycard locks, needing a commercial locksmith service. This particular lock, installed on the door leading to their main archive room, was crucial for securing the business's important assets and files. Yet, the lock was not working, unable to read the cards when swiped. 


The client needed this lock repair to run their business and protect their assets. It was our job to quickly figure out what was wrong and fix it so they could get back to their busy routine without putting security at risk.

Scope of the Commercial Locksmith Service

Initial Assessment

Upon inspection, our team of skilled locksmiths found that the main reason the lock broke was due to normal wear and tear. Long-term use and exposure to external factors had slowly broken down the lock's parts. With time, the lock became unreliable and prone to malfunction.

Lock Inspection

The first thing our commercial locksmith did was to check out the broken keycard lock. It included a closer look at all the lock's internal parts, such as the keycard reader, computer circuitry, and mechanical parts.

Identification of Faulty Components

Following a careful check, we identified the specific parts that were not working properly. These included sensors and electronic components that had worn out and were not functioning as they should.

Replacement of Key Components

We sourced high-quality replacement parts that matched the lock's specifications. Moreover, we added modern electronic parts to the lock to make it more reliable and last longer.

Reprogramming and Testing

Once the new parts were in place, we reprogrammed the keycard lock following the product manual. This step is key to making the lock work with the client's access control system. After the programming, we put it through a lot of tests to see if the lock worked. These tests would also confirm if the lock reliably grants access to authorized personnel.

Preventive Maintenance Recommendations

Sherlock's Locksmith not only fixed the lock issue but also gave the client useful advice on how to avoid problems in the future. These included regular cleaning and inspection plans to keep their keycard locks working well for a long time.

Project Outcome

This lock repair restored the interior door to full operational capacity. Our commercial locksmith service not only fixed the problem right away but also made the lock last longer. It also protected the client's investment in their security system for years to come.

Common Issues with Keycard Locks

Keycard locks for businesses provide advanced solutions for security and access control. Although efficient, they can run into a few problems that businesses should be aware of:

Card Malfunction: Keycards can become damaged or demagnetized over time, which makes them useless. If this happens, authorized staff could be locked out and need new cards.

Battery Issues: Many keycard locks are battery-operated. If you fail to replace or recharge these batteries, the lock can fail, making it impossible to get in.

Card Loss or Theft: Lost or stolen keycards pose a security risk, as unauthorized individuals may gain access to restricted areas. In these situations, the card needs to be deactivated and replaced right away.

Programming Errors: Access problems can happen because of incorrect programming or settings. That could include accidentally denying entry to authorized people or letting unauthorized people in.

Wear and Tear: The physical parts of the keycard lock can wear out over time, making it impossible to insert or swipe a card.

Power Outages: Keypad locks need electricity to work, and power outages can make them briefly unusable. There may be backup power options for some locks, but they might not always work right.

To sum up, keycard locks are great for keeping businesses in Pittsburgh safe. Like any other locks, you may encounter issues down the line. In order to keep your business safe, it is essential to be alert to these possible issues. It would also be helpful to know a reliable locksmith service that you could call anytime you need one.

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