Sherlock's Locksmith is proud to provide this car owner in Pittsburgh, PA, with car ignition repair. There were signs that the client's car's ignition system was failing. They told us they had trouble starting the engine, intermittent stalling, and the ignition key sticking. Our goal was to restore the car's ignition system and ensure the safety and satisfaction of the client.

Scope of Car Ignition Repair

Initial Assessment

Our car locksmith did a full check of the car's ignition system, which included both a visual inspection and diagnostic tests to find the real problems. It was important to keep detailed records of the condition of the ignition parts and any problems that came up.

Component Replacement

Based on the assessment, we figured out the faulty ignition parts for replacement, which included the ignition switch and ignition cylinder. Then, we removed and installed the parts with extra care and precision. To ensure compatibility and optimal performance, we used OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) as replacement parts. We made sure not to damage the surrounding components and that everything worked like a charm.

Wiring Inspection and Repair

Next, we checked the wiring harness connected to the ignition system for signs of wear, corrosion, or damage. By replacing damaged wirings, we could secure electrical connections and would prevent future issues. To make sure the ignition system would work reliably, we tested the wiring for a steady flow and the right voltage.

Key Cutting

With the new ignition cylinder in place, we told the client that the old car keys would no longer work. So, our locksmith had to cut new keys that would fit the new parts.

Functional Testing

Before we finished the repair, we ran the ignition system through a series of functional tests to make sure it worked just right. We started the engine and turned the ignition on and off. That way, we could find any issues or irregularities and fix them on the spot. These final checks and adjustments guarantee the car's reliable and smooth operation.

Project Outcome

Sherlock's Locksmith completed this car ignition repair project. Our skilled locksmith Pittsburgh fixed the ignition system through careful assessment, quality component replacement, and rigorous testing. The reliable performance of their vehicle gave our valued client peace of mind.

Signs That a Car Ignition System Needs Replacement

Several signs can indicate that the car's ignition system may need replacement. These include:

Difficulty Starting

If the engine is hard to start or needs more than one try before it turns over, there may be a problem with the ignition system. That could show up as a clicking sound or a slow engine starting.


If your ignition system is not working right, your car might stall sometimes while you are driving. This problem especially happens when the car is idling or speeding up.

Engine Misfires

Misfires happen when the spark plugs cannot ignite the air-fuel mixture properly. That can lead the engine to idle rough, hesitate, or lose power while you are driving.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light could mean a number of things, such as a problem with the ignition system. So, to find the exact cause, it is important to have an expert read the car's diagnostic codes.

If you spot any of these symptoms, you should have a qualified professional look at the ignition system right away. They can find out what is wrong and whether a part needs to be replaced. Timely replacement of spark plugs and other ignition parts can help keep the vehicle's ignition system working well and make sure it stays reliable.

Are you experiencing difficulty starting your car or noticing signs of ignition system failure? Look no further than Sherlock's Locksmith in Pittsburgh, PA, for reliable ignition system solutions! Our skilled professionals are experts at replacing and fixing ignitions. We are here to help you, whether you are facing an emergency or need routine maintenance. Contact us for quick and expert help with all your ignition-related needs.