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Lock Picking Service: What It Is and How It Works


Locks protect homes, businesses, and valuables from unauthorized access. However, sometimes you lock yourself out of your properties and have to deal with the frustrating task of getting back in. In these situations, picking locks comes in handy because it gives you an alternative way to get in without a key. In this piece, join us as we study the art of lock picking service.

What is Lock Picking Service

A lock picking service is a business that opens or unlocks locks without the original key. Locksmiths or security experts with the expertise and tools to open locks like pin tumblers, wafer, and disc detainer locks can offer lock picking service.

How Lock Picking Works

Lock picking is the process of moving the parts inside a lock to mimic the action of the key. That lets the lock to open without breaking it. You must know how locks work and use special tools like picks, tension wrenches, and key extractors.

Lock picking services are usually called for when someone has lost their keys or is locked out of their home. A lock picker does not have to use risky techniques like drilling or breaking the lock to open teh door. Instead, they can use their skills to get in without causing extra damage.

Tools used in lock picking service

Tools Used in Lock Picking

Here are some tools commonly for lock picking:

  • Tension wrench
  • Lock picks (hook pick, diamond pick, half-diamond pick, rake pick, ball pick)
  • Pick gun/electric pick
  • Pick set/case
  • Key extractor

The Process of Lock Picking

Identifying and evaluating the lock

Lock pickers need to know a lot about how locks work and what kinds they might encounter. This information helps them find weaknesses and choose the right tools and methods.

Selecting the appropriate tools and techniques

Lock pickers use special tools to move the parts of a lock and make it work like a key. Lock picks and tension screws are common tools, and sometimes you need special tools for certain types of locks.

Executing the lock picking process

A tension wrench is put into the keyway to turn the lock’s cylinder and put pressure on it. This strain is like turning a key in a lock, making the pins or other parts inside the lock stick together.

Lock pickers use different kinds of picks, such as hook picks and rake picks, to move the pins inside the lock. At this phase, they try to get them to line up at the shear line, where the lock’s inner and outer cylinders meet.

Lock pickers rely on feedback from the lock to determine the position of the pins. It can be a sound, a feeling of resistance, or a small turn of the lock barrel. The lock picker continues applying tension, picking the pins, and looking at the feedback until all the pins line up at the shear line.

A locksmith performing lock picking service

Opening the lock

Once all the pins are in the right place, the technician can move the lock with the tension wrench, like using a key to open it.

Choosing a Reliable Lock Picking Service 

When picking out a lock picking service, make sure they are professional and trustworthy. Look for certified locksmiths with lots of experience and good reviews from past clients. Read customer comments and find out what people say before choosing a service. That way, you can be sure you are hiring someone reliable.

It is also important that the prices are clear and that you know the scope and limits of the service. Lastly, it is best to choose a 24 hour locksmith who can help you quickly and be there for emergencies. By thinking about these things, you can make an informed choice and choose a trustworthy lock picking service that puts your safety needs first.

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