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Home Security Tips From a Residential Locksmith

In the US, a break-in happens about every 30 seconds on average. That is right. In the time it takes to grab a Primanti Bros sandwich, approximately six homes have been broken into. But do not worry—you do not have to live in fear. As your local locksmith Pittsburgh experts, we at Sherlock’s Locksmith have […]

Revolutionize Theater Safety With Reliable Panic Bars

Did you ever think about how safe it is to watch movies? Making sure viewers are safe is very important in a busy city like Pittsburgh. Reliable panic bars are one important thing that can make theaters much safer. In an emergency, these easy but useful tools can make all the difference. This blog from […]

Regain Access: Honda Car Door Unlock Services

Have you ever found yourself locked out of your Honda just when you needed to get somewhere? You are not alone. According to reports, car lockouts are one of the most common issues faced by drivers in Pittsburgh. Whether you are dealing with lost keys, locked cars, or malfunctioning locks, it can really put a […]

How Do Multipoint Door Locks Protect Business From Theft

How Do Multipoint Door Locks

In the lively business world of Pittsburgh, it is essential to keep your premises secure. Even though businesses always have to change to meet new challenges, the most important question is still how to best keep their assets and buildings safe from theft. One solution that seems to catch on is the installation of multipoint […]

A Comprehensive Overview of Push-to-Start Key Replacement

Comprehensive Overview

In the modern automotive landscape, the convenience of push-button start cars has redefined the automotive experience. You no longer need standard keys to start your car. Instead, a push-button start will do, offering simplicity and a dash of elegance. But what happens when the magic button refuses to work? Or worse, when the key that […]

The Ultimate Handbook for Broken Key Extraction

Broken Key extraction

In the daily hustle and bustle of life in Pittsburgh, finding a broken key can be annoying and inconvenient. No matter what time of day or night it is, being able to get a broken key out of a lock is an important skill that can save you time, money, and stress. From simple home […]

The Benefits of an Access Control System

The Benefits of an Access Control

In today’s world, keeping your place safe and sound is a big deal, and the old-school lock and key just does not cut it anymore. That is where access control systems come into play, and our team from Sherlock’s Locksmith will show you all the amazing benefits of upgrading. These systems are all about making […]

Comprehensive Ford Keys Solutions From Expert Locksmiths

Comprehensive Ford Keys Solutions From Expert Locksmiths (1)

Have you had enough problems with your Ford keys? Or are you simply curious about the latest solutions to keep your car safe and accessible? Your search is over. In this enlightening blog post from Sherlock’s Locksmith, we dive deep into the world of comprehensive Ford key solutions, offering you a treasure trove of expert […]

Understanding Keyless Entry Systems in Honda Vehicles

A Guide to

Ever dreamed of unlocking your car and starting the engine without turning a key? Technology made it happen. Honda, one of the biggest car companies in the world, has changed the way people drive with keyless entry systems. Yet, to get the most out of these systems and keep your vehicle safe, you need to […]