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Decoding Car Keys: A Guide to Different Types and Technology

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Are you familiar with all the car keys, such as transponders, chips, and smart keys? Determining the right option for your vehicle can often be a challenging task. Our automotive locksmiths, however, often see all kinds of different car key components like buttons, fobs, and more. Let us look at these together in this feature so that you can feel more confident navigating the world of car keys.

A Locksmith’s Guide to the Types of Car Keys

Several different car keys are available, and knowing the suitable type for your vehicle can be overwhelming. To help with this task, here is an insight into the many types of car keys and their technology.

Flip Style Car Key

Flip-style car keys, or switchblade keys, are popular with many car makers. They are small and convenient and fold into a compact key fob when not in use. In fact, some car owners take their regular car keys and transform them into flip-style car keys. This process is relatively easy. You can even find auto locksmiths who will do it for you. So, why not go with the flip?

A flip-style car key

Transponder Key

Cars nowadays often come with transponder car keys. These keys have small chips inside that provide extra security and help prevent theft. Invented in the 1990s, they are standard on most cars made since then.

Mechanically Cut Car Key

Mechanically cut keys are the oldest type of car key around. Older cars that do not have any security codes usually use this type of key. Sad to say, since they are so simple, anyone with a little know-how can copy them easily using blank keys. So, it is likely not the best choice if you are looking for a secure car key.

Laser Cut

Laser-cut car keys are a special type of key made in the 1990s to make it harder for cars to be stolen. They have a groove cut into both sides so that they can fit in the ignition in any direction. Many also come with an attached remote part that uses a special chip for extra security.

Master Key

Master car keys are special keys that can open many kinds of cars. It is unlawful for someone not a locksmith or car expert to have these keys. Yet, criminals can also get their hands on them illegally. To ensure safety, we recommend having your master car keys crafted by authorized professionals or a reputable car locksmith.

Remote Car Key

Remote car keys look like regular car keys but offer more features. You can unlock your car from a distance and deactivate the alarm with a remote car key. The door effortlessly opens by pressing a button without requiring physical contact. Yet, you still need to put the key in the ignition to start the vehicle.

A user holding a transponder key. electronic keys are the most common car keys.

Smart Car Key

Smart car keys are the newest type of key that new car models use. These modern keys offer many benefits. They work by recognizing you when you are nearby—no need to insert your key into the ignition while operating the vehicle. With smart keys, you can even start your car with just one press of a button. However, replacing this type of key could be expensive in cases of lost car keys. In rare cases, it might even require changing your car’s locking system because of safety issues.

You would be surprised to see the vast range of available car keys. From traditional metal keys to sophisticated options, the choices are endless. Thus, when searching for a new set of keys for your vehicle, ensure you do not limit yourself and research thoroughly. With enough knowledge, finding a key that fits your requirements will be effortless.

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