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The Importance of Secure Storefront Locks for Your Business


Secure storefront locks are an important but often overlooked aspect of safeguarding business assets. The front door of your business is more than just a way to let people in; it is also the first line of defense against potential risks. In this piece, we will discuss all the good reasons secure storefront locks are important for businesses of all sizes and types. Also, we will see how buying the right commercial locks can make a huge difference in the safety and success of your business.

Understanding Storefront Locks

There are several storefront locks, each with unique features and benefits.

Deadbolt Locks

  • Single Cylinder Deadbolt: Most doors have a single-cylinder deadbolt. The key cylinder is on the outside, and the thumb turn is on the inside. This design makes the door easy to lock and open.
  • Double Cylinder Deadbolt: These devices require a key to lock and unlock from both the outside and inside. That gives you more safety but could be disadvantageous in an emergency.

Mortise Locks

These locks are durable, so they are quite popular in commercial properties. They have a lock body that goes inside the door and a trim set that goes on the outside.

Electronic Access Control

  • Keyless Entry Systems: These locks use electronic keypads or key cards for entry. They let you control entry in various ways and are easy to reprogram.
  • Biometric Locks: These locks use fingerprints, retinal scans, or other biometric data for access. They are very safe, but they can be pricey.
A user scanning their thumbprint on one of their storefront locks

Keyless Entry Systems

  • Keypad Locks: These locks require entering a PIN code to unlock the door. They are easy to use and offer easy code changes.
  • Bluetooth Locks: With an app installed on a smartphone, you can control and monitor these locks remotely.

Cylinder Locks

  • Knob Cylinders: You usually see them in homes, but we do not recommend these locks for storefronts because they are easy to break into.
  • Rim Cylinders: Rim cylinders with a mortise lock are perfect for commercial use because they are safer and offer more security.

Cam Locks

These are simple locks that are often put on drawers and cabinets. It is not common to use these for main entrances, but they can provide an extra layer of security for interior areas.

Panic Bars (Push Bars)

These locks are common in business settings to allow quick exit during emergencies. However, their design prevents unauthorized entry from the outside.

Smart Locks

These locks are online, and you can use a smartphone app to control them from afar. 

High-Security Locks

These locks are resistant to picking, drilling, and other forms of tampering. No wonder businesses that need a high level of security use them often.

Benefits of Secure Storefront Locks

Here are the key benefits of having secure storefront locks:

Deterrence of Criminal Activity

Secure locks act as a visible deterrent to potential criminals. They make it more difficult for unauthorized people to enter the premises, discouraging break-ins and burglaries.

Protection of Assets and Inventory

Businesses spend a lot of money on inventory, equipment, and other valuable assets. Secure storefront locks help keep these things from being stolen, which keeps financial losses to a minimum.

Safeguarding Employee and Customer Safety

A secure storefront makes the place safer for both customers and workers. As a result, there is less chance of violence at work, which protects everyone there.

Mitigating Legal and Insurance Risks

With the right security measures, like secure storefront locks, you can avoid legal trouble if something happens on your property. It might also lead to lower insurance rates since insurers like it when businesses have strong security.

Reduced Risk of Vandalism

Not only do secure locks keep thieves out, but they also keep people from destroying property and vandalizing it. Vandals are less likely to break into businesses that have good security.

Access Control and Monitoring

Electronic entry control systems and other secure storefront locks give more control over who can enter and exit the building. They also allow for monitor access, providing an audit trail of who entered and when.

A user tapping a key card on one of their storefront locks

Customized Security Solutions

You can customize your security measures to your business’s specific needs. Different kinds of locks can be part of full security systems, including alarms, cameras, and access control.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Secure locks may cost more at first, but they usually pay for themselves many times over by keeping you from losing money to theft, damage, and legal problems. In the long run, the savings may be higher than the initial costs.

Factors to Consider in Lock Selection

Getting the right storefront locks is very important for keeping your business safe. When making this important choice, think about several things, including:

Type of Business and Location

Think about what kind of business you have and where it is located. Places with high crime rates may need stronger security. Also, retail stores, offices, and warehouses may have different protection needs than other forms of businesses.

Level of Security Needed

Figure out what amount of security your building needs. Businesses worth a lot of money or with sensitive data may need stronger security than smaller companies.

Lock Quality and Durability

Invest in high-quality locks that are durable and resistant to tampering. Look for sturdy locks, like those made of solid steel, that meet security standards set by the industry.

Integration with Other Security Measures

Think about how the locks you choose will work with other security systems. For full protection, they should work well with alarm systems, security cameras, as well as access control systems.

Compliance with Regulations

Make sure the locks you choose align with local building codes, rules, and standards for your business. Not following the rules can cause legal problems and make you liable.

Warranty and Support

Check the kind of warranty and customer service the lock manufacturer or supplier offers. That can give you peace of mind in case of problems or defects.

Professional Installation

Proper installation is critical for security. You should hire a commercial locksmith or security expert to install your storefront locks.

Storefront Lock Installation From a Locksmith Pittsburgh PA

Expertise is important when it comes to keeping your business safe. It is smart to get help from a professional locksmith Pittsburgh when installing storefront locks. Experienced professionals can evaluate your security needs, suggest the best lock systems, and ensure they are installed perfectly. With a reputable locksmith taking care of the security of your storefront, you both make your business safer and gain peace of mind. With a licensed locksmith, your property is in good hands.

Commercial Locksmith Near Me

When it comes to protecting your business, reliability is paramount. Turn to Sherlock’s Locksmith for the installation of your storefront locks. With a proven track record in securing businesses in Pittsburgh, we are happy to provide you with meticulous craftsmanship and custom security solutions. Call us today for locksmith services delivered by our team of seasoned professionals.