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The Foundation of Safety: Understanding Lock Installation


Peek behind the locked door. Now, pause and think about the unsung hero of your home’s safety. You might think it is those locks. But no. It is not just the lock but the lock installation! Sherlock’s Locksmith is here to unveil the intriguing world behind every twist of your key.

This blog will take you on an adventure into the intricacies of the locks we rely on daily. With insights into various locks and crucial considerations for each, you will see the humble lock in a brand new light. Ready to unlock some knowledge? Dive in and discover the secrets that truly make a lock safe. But before that, let us first look at the diverse types of door locks.

A Guide to Different Lock Types and Their Function

Locks are like characters in a story—each has a specific job and offers a different level of security, style, and functionality. Let us go on a trip through the world of door locks, looking at how they work and where they shine the brightest, whether in our homes, businesses, or both.

Deadbolt Locks

Mechanism: These locks work with a spinning cylinder that moves a bolt into and out of the door frame. They keep the bolt in place whenever you lock the door.

Use: Predominantly found in residential settings, deadbolts offer a high level of security and are often paired with a spring bolt lock for added protection.

Knob Locks

Mechanism: Inside the doorknob is an embedded lock. By turning the inner mechanism, you can stop the knob from turning, which locks the door.

Use: Commonly used in homes, particularly on interior doors. However, they are not the most secure choice for exterior door locks since there is a possibility of the knob breaking off.

Four types of locks for lock installation


Mechanism: A traditional lock with a unique design that stands alone. Padlocks have shackles and can be key-based or combination-based (using number buttons).

Use: Padlocks are suitable for residential and business applications, like locking gates or storage units. They are versatile and easy to carry.

Lever Handle Locks

Mechanism: A push-down handle system makes it work. Once you lock the mechanism, the handle becomes immovable.

Use: Because of their ease of use and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), you often see these locks in commercial settings, especially for interior doors.

Cam Locks

Mechanism: These are rotary locks with a cam (a tailpiece) that turns as the key rotates, securing the lock.

Use: Used in residential and business applications, especially on furniture like filing cabinets or safety deposit boxes.

Mortise Locks

Mechanism: These locks have a flat, rectangular box that goes into a deep recess in the door. A mortise lock combines the features of a doorknob and deadbolt in one.

Use: Found in both commercial and upscale residential settings due to their durability and security.

Electronic and Smart Locks

Mechanism: These high-tech locks use electronic keys, keypads, or even biometric inputs like fingerprints. Smart locks often connect to home automation systems so you can control them remotely.

Use: Smart lock installation is a rising trend in homes and modern business settings. It offers convenience, monitoring capabilities, and enhanced security.

Interchangeable Core (IC) Locks

Mechanism: Designed for easy cylinder replacement, users can rekey the lock without taking it out.

Use: Mainly in business environments where security protocols can frequently change, like in large office buildings.

Now that you have entered the vast universe of locks, understanding each type’s unique features and ideal uses is key. Whether guarding a cozy bedroom, a bustling office, or a private storage space, there is always a perfect lock waiting to play its protective role. This expert guide will help you choose which lock is best for you. But how does the lock installation affect all of this?

The Silent Hero: Why Proper Lock Installation Truly Matters

Imagine this: It looks like you just bought the most cutting-edge home security system ever. You believe it is the best in the market. It boasts unbreakable mechanisms and a foolproof design. But then, once it is up, you see a tiny oversight, leaving a gap just big enough for an intruder’s tools. Suddenly, that impressive lock is not so invincible after all. It underscores a simple yet crucial point—the true strength of a lock is as much in its installation as in its design.

A homeowner installing a lock on their front door

Safety First, Always

At its core, a lock’s primary job is to protect. A lock is like a quiet guardian, keeping our loved ones, most valuable things, and private spaces safe. When installed properly, it becomes a solid barrier against threats. On the other hand, a poor lock installation can compromise security. It can turn your refuge into low-hanging fruit for those with ill intentions.

Longevity and Durability

A good lock installation can affect the longevity of the hardware. Properly installed locks last longer, function more smoothly, and require fewer repairs or lock replacements. In the long run, this saves money and keeps people safe.

Peace of Mind

Of course, knowing that a pro installed your lock correctly gives you peace of mind. Once you are sure that the barriers you have put up against possible intruders are strong, you can sleep easily at night or go on vacation without worrying.

The Best Use of Technology

Many modern locks have high-tech features, like biometrics or remote access. Homeowners can get the most out of their investment if these features work smoothly after a door lock installation.

In conclusion, while the intricate mechanics of a lock are undoubtedly essential, the installation brings it all together. Thus, it makes it a formidable shield against threats. Just as you wouldn’t skimp on the quality of a lock, do not overlook the importance of its installation. It is the silent hero that, when done right, makes all the difference!

Lock Installation in Pittsburgh, PA

Need an upgrade to your security? Whether setting up a new business or simply updating the locks on your home in Pittsburgh, choosing the right lock is only half the battle. The real magic happens with expert lock installation. At Sherlock’s Locksmith, we are more than just locksmiths—we are your lock experts. From a simple lock change to installing state-of-the-art new door locks, you can count on our locksmith services to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Do not take chances with your security. Trust the locksmith Pittsburgh PA experts, and let us ensure the installation is as steadfast as the lock on your door. Call us today to unlock the foundation of safety.