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The Benefits of Multipoint Locks for Your Home or Business


How many locks do you think are necessary to keep your home or business safe? In this time when safety is very important, a single locking point is a thing of the past. Imagine making your door even safer by tripling or even quadrupling its strength. A multipoint locking system can do exactly that. Multipoint locks, which are different from the traditional lock and key, are the way of the future for protecting our most important places. 

But why all the fuss? Is it another trendy word, or does this new concept have a weighted value? Let us take you on a journey through the ins and outs of multipoint locks, showing you why they are a smart investment and essential for any modern home or business space.

When One Door Lock Was Not Enough

Picture this: You are a proud owner of a house in Pittsburgh, PA, having invested in a quaint, beautiful property in one of the city’s serene suburbs. As you leave for work each morning, you carefully turn the key in your front door lock, trusting that single entry point to secure your home.

A selection of different types of locks, including multipoint locks

Then, one day, you hear about a series of break-ins in your neighborhood. The intruders, you find out, have become adept at bypassing traditional single-point locks. Suddenly, that single front door lock does not feel as sturdy and reliable anymore, does it? But what if you knew there was a way to make your door even safer?

Multipoint Locks: More Than Just a Trend

There is more to the multipoint locking system than just a trend. A standard front door lock has been the benchmark for years, but the multipoint door lock is quickly becoming the best way to keep homes and businesses safe. The standard system only locks your door at one point. The multipoint locking system, on the other hand, engages the door in multiple places. So, even if one point breaks, several others will remain secure.

Why Multipoint Locks are Essential in Your Home or Business

Pittsburgh-Proof Security

Have you ever faced one of those unpredictable Pittsburgh winters? Just as you would bundle up in layers, you add multiple layers of security to your door with a multipoint lock. These locks secure the door from multiple points instead of just on just one locking point.

Steelers-Level Durability

Just as our beloved Steelers are known for their resilience, multipoint locks are designed for the long haul. With the force spread across several points, wear and tear is less. Fewer visits from your locksmith for door repairs means more time and budget for game day.

Say Goodbye to Drafts

Pittsburgh’s chilly winds are notorious. Multipoint locks create a tighter seal, ensuring those sneaky drafts stay out. That means a cozier space during winter and a cooler place in the summer without that extra strain on your heating or cooling system.

Enjoy the Ease of Use

Say goodbye to fumbling with multiple keys and locks. With this type of lock, one key operates all the locking points. It is that simple. 

Boost That Burgh Property Value

Whether it is a home in the suburbs or a shop in Shadyside, security sells. Multipoint locks can increase the appeal and value of your property. Potential buyers or tenants will appreciate the upgraded security, a definite plus in the Pittsburgh market.

Multipoint locks on a residential door

Versatility on Every Street

There are multipoint locks for old homes and new buildings that look great. You can put them on different doors, so no matter where you are in Pittsburgh, you can get a mix of style and security.

Peace of Mind on the Three Rivers

Whether taking a stroll at Point State Park or catching a show in the Cultural District, leave behind worries about home or office security. Multipoint locks ensure that your premises stay securely locked while you soak in the best of Pittsburgh.

Common Door Lock Repair Issues with Multipoint Locks

Stuck Rollers or Hooks

Imagine trying to slide on shoes that just do not fit. Sometimes, the rollers or hooks on a multipoint lock might get stuck or refuse to engage properly. It is like trying to get a stubborn zipper to work. Stuck components can prevent the door from securing properly and require adjustments or replacements.

Misaligned Door Bolts

Have you ever attempted fitting a square peg in a round hole? When the door bolts do not align with their respective holes, it is a similar problem. It usually happens because of regular wear, settling of the structure, or weather changes, causing the door to warp slightly. A little realignment, and it is back to a snug fit.

Worn Out Cylinder

Think of this as a tired old keyhole that has seen one too many keys. Over time, the lock’s cylinder, where you insert the key, can wear out or become damaged. It is like an old glove that no longer fits your hand well. Swapping it out can give your lock a fresh lease on life.

Jammed Up Gearbox

The gearbox is the “brain” behind your multipoint lock, coordinating all the moving parts. But like a jammed clock, the gears sometimes get stuck or broken. It could prevent the lock from working altogether. A tune-up or replacement might be in order. It is best to call a locksmith Pittsburgh expert to fix it quickly in times like these.

Broken Handles

A handle is like the handshake of a door; it is the first thing we interact with. Over time, constant use can lead to handles becoming loose or breaking off. Luckily, handles are one of the easier parts to replace, getting your door back in greeting shape in no time.

Damaged Keeps or Strike Plates

These are the bits on the door frame where the lock’s bolts or hooks latch. It is kind of like the catch for a baseball pitcher. A damaged catch will not hold the ball. Likewise, the door might not lock securely if these strike plates are out of place or worn out.

Remember, while multipoint locks are designed for increased security, they, like everything, require a bit of TLC over time. If you ever face these issues, it is like having a stone in your shoe. Slightly bothersome, but once fixed, it is smooth walking (or locking) again. Do not hesitate to reach out to a trusty locksmith when in doubt. After all, a well-functioning lock is the key to peace of mind.

Locksmith Near Me

Do you truly know how secure your doors are? Good news! Multipoint locks are changing how Pittsburgh home and business owners protect their premises. But even the best lock needs the right hands for installation. At Sherlock’s Locksmith, we are not just experts; we are your neighbors, dedicated to ensuring every door in our community is as safe as can be. Do not leave your security to chance. Reach out to us for top-notch door lock installation services. After all, peace of mind is just one call away. Secure your space with the locksmith Pittsburgh PA experts way today! Call (412) 960-1250 to book a service.