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Residential Door Locks: Keyless and Traditional Options


If you have ever misplaced your keys, you know how inconvenient it can be. But what if there was a way never to lose your keys again? What if you could open your door with a single button or even your voice? It may sound like something out of this world, but these are all now possible options for residential door locks. Join us as we discuss traditional and keyless door lock options and how they can improve your home security. Let us start with the key differences between these two locking systems.

How do traditional door locks work?

Most doors employ rim, pin-tumbler, or mortise locks. These locks require inserting a key for them to function. Once activated, multiple components, including springs, pins, and cylinders, work in unison to open and close the door.

What are the benefits of using traditional residential door locks?

Traditional door locks, or mechanical locks, have been around for ages and are still widely used today. They may seem traditional, but they still work great. You might see them on your door in the form of a deadbolt, knob lock, or lever handle. These locks are super reliable and offer a secure way to keep your home safe.

Deadbolts are the go-to choice for exterior doors because they are tough enough and hard to break into. They have a solid metal bolt inside that stops someone from pushing through. Knob locks are ideal for interior doors, as they offer less protection. Lever handle locks are becoming popular in homes, too. They are easy to use—especially for people with trouble moving around. So make sure you pick the right lock for your door.

A lever-style residential door lock in chrome finish

What are keyless door locks?

Keyless door locks are a great alternative to traditional locks. These locks are the perfect choice for anyone looking to make their lives easier as they do not require a physical key. Available in various forms like the keypad lock, biometric locks, and WiFi-enabled locks, depending on the brand and model. With keyless locks, you can have security without the extra weight.

Still, in an era where convenience meets security, keyless entry door locks are quickly gaining prominence. These have revolutionized how we access our homes. 

What are the benefits of using keyless residential door locks?

Unlike regular locks, these smart locks provide many valuable features. Let us take a quick peek at each of them below:


Are you tired of finding the right key every time you get home? A smart lock is your answer. It lets you unlock your door with your smartphone, voice, fingerprint, or a code. No more fumbling around for keys.

Remote Access and Control

Many keyless door locks can be integrated with smart home systems, enabling remote access control. You may lock or open your door from anywhere using a smartphone app or an internet connection. This feature is useful for granting temporary access to guests or service providers without physical keys.

Audit Trails

Some advanced keyless locks can record and save information about who enters and exits the premises and when. This feature is useful for security because it allows you to track access history and identify suspicious activities.

A smart residential door locks

A New Level of Security

To keep your home safe, look for advanced security features like anti-theft protection, intrusion alarms, two-way talk, and cameras. These features will help provide peace of mind that your home is secure.


By eliminating the need for keyholes, keyless door locks can make your home look better. Often, they have sleek, modern forms that go with a wide range of architectural styles.

When it comes to home security, your peace of mind should be the top priority. Whether you choose the convenience of a keyless lock or the dependability of a traditional one, residential door locks are a critical part of home security. Both door locks provide a secure solution that meets the needs of any household. Explore these options to determine which works best for you. No matter what type of lock you choose, know that you are making the right decision to take charge of your security.

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