The car owner in Pittsburgh, PA, called Sherlock’s Locksmith for a car key duplication job to get a new set of car keys made for their Ford. The client showed their Ford vehicle and expressed their specific request. They required an exact duplicate of their existing car key, which would serve as a backup for their primary key. To start the car key duplication, our locksmiths carefully looked at the client’s original Ford car key to figure out how it was configured. That made sure that the key copy would work perfectly. We copied the key’s physical measurements using high-tech key-cutting equipment. This careful process ensured that the new key would be an exact original copy. In no time, we handed them a car key duplicate that worked without a glitch in the ignition. The client expressed satisfaction with the prompt, efficient, and cost-effective service provided by Sherlock’s Locksmith.

Ford mechanical car keys must be duplicated in a very specific way to ensure the highest level of security and functionality. A locksmith or car mechanic usually uses a key-cutting machine to make a copy of a Ford mechanical key. This machine accurately copies the unique grooves and ridges of the primary (template) key onto a blank key. It needs careful craftsmanship to ensure the copied key fits perfectly into the ignition and door locks. Thus allowing the car to run smoothly and reliably. So, to make a duplicate of a Ford mechanical car key, talk to a professional locksmith or a nearby and authorized dealership to ensure the copy is perfect.

The Relevance of Mechanical Car Keys

Even though electronic key fobs and smart keys are becoming more popular, people still use mechanical keys for a number of reasons. These are the common factors:

Simplicity and Reliability

As we all know, mechanical keys are easy to use and reliable. They have been a trusted means of access for decades. Also, their basic design makes them less prone to technical failures or vulnerabilities to hacking that are common with electronic systems.


Mechanical keys are often cheaper for both manufacturers and consumers. They are not too expensive to make or repair, making them a good choice for people who do not want to spend much on more advanced electronic key systems.


Mechanical keys do not need batteries or complicated electrical parts. So, you do not need to charge or fix it up all the time, making them a low-maintenance option for car owners. In addition, mechanical keys can be more accessible in emergencies. A mechanical key can still get you into a car even if the battery is dead or the electronics stop working.

The Benefits of Professional Ford Car Key Duplication

Convenience: Having spare keys readily available can be incredibly convenient. It eliminates the stress and inconvenience of being locked out of your vehicle because of lost or misplaced keys.

Cost-Effective: Getting a professional to make a copy of a lost or broken key is often a better deal than buying a new one. That is especially true for modern electronic keys that can be pricey to buy again.

Emergency Access: In case of key loss or damage, having a duplicate key can provide emergency access to your vehicle. That can be crucial in situations where you need immediate access to your car.

Maintains Functionality: Professional duplication ensures that the copies work with your car’s locks and keys with no problems. Keeping your keys in good working order like that is important.

Locksmith Near Me

Do you need skilled, reliable Ford car key duplication services in Pittsburgh, PA? Then Sherlock’s Locksmith is the clear choice. Our skilled and experienced locksmiths can make exact copies of Ford car keys. We can handle all auto locksmith needs, including emergency lockout assistance, ignition repair, transponder key programming, or even the replacement of complex electronic key fobs. Call us today for the best locksmith Pittsburgh services!