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Home Lockouts: A Comprehensive Guide

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Sherlock’s Locksmith Home Lockouts A Comprehensive Guide

Nothing is worse than realizing you have locked yourself out of your house. No homeowner wants to be in this situation, but it happens more often than we would like to think. Home lockouts can be annoying and scary, whether because you lost your keys, the locks stopped working, or you forgot to put the key in the lock. 

It is a good thing Sherlock’s Locksmith is here to help you with our detailed guide on residential lockout situations. This blog is full of useful information, tips on how to keep from getting locked out of your house, and useful advice on what to do if you end up in that situation. No matter how long you have been a homeowner, this one read can help you. So why wait until there is a lockout? Jump in and learn things that will save you time, money, and stress you do not need.

Why Home Lockouts Happen in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, known as the “Steel City,” has a unique mix of historic neighborhoods, steep hills, and unpredictable weather. Because of these and other common reasons, homeowners may find themselves locked out of their houses. We will talk about why this happens and how to stop it.

The Unpredictable Weather

From quick rain showers to snowstorms, Pittsburgh’s weather is always changing. As a result, you might leave your keys behind as you run to your car. Locks can also freeze in cold weather, leaving people locked out of their homes accidentally.

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Historical Homes with Older Locks

Pittsburgh prides itself on its rich history, which is evident in its many older homes. The historical beauty of a home, on the other hand, may come with old locks that are more likely to break and lock you out.

Busy Urban Life

Living in a city, especially in the Southside or the Strip District, can be very distracting for a renter. With all the people and shops around, it is easy to lose your keys or forget them completely.

Overlooking Spare Keys

With all of Pittsburgh’s events, art scenes, and breweries, there is always something to do. Because of that, it is easy to overlook the simple act of key duplication.

Staying One Step Ahead: How to Prevent Home Lockouts

You can avoid the inconvenience of home lockouts with a few proactive steps. Let us delve deeper into these preventive measures to ensure you are always one step ahead.

Key Duplication

What: This involves creating extra copies of your house key.

How: Visit a locksmith or a key-cutting service to make duplicates of your key.

Why: Spare keys can be a backup if you lose or misplace your primary key.

Tip: Give a copy to a trusted friend, family member, or neighbor. This way, even if you get yourself in a house lockout, you can quickly retrieve the spare. Additionally, consider keeping one hidden in a discreet, secure place outside your home, like in a lockbox or a specific spot known only to you.

Regular Maintenance

What: Periodic checks and maintenance of your locks.

How: If your locks are old or look rusty, it might be time to call a locksmith for a quick assessment. They can clean, lubricate, or even replace parts if needed.

Why: Like all machines, locks wear out slowly. Regular maintenance ensures they work as they should, reducing the chances of a malfunction.

Tip: If your keys are hard to turn or the lock feels sticky, it might be time for a check-up or a lock rekey.

Habit Building

What: Develop the habit of always checking your keys before leaving your home.

How: Before you step out or lock any door, pat your pockets or check your purse. Make it as intuitive as checking for your wallet or phone.

Why: By consistently reminding yourself, you lower the chances of forgetfulness.

Tip: Place your keys in the same spot so you always know where to find them. This way, you create a routine and reduce the chances of misplacing your keys.

A smart door lock that can be accessed through a smart phone is a good way to prevent home lockouts

Smart Locks

What: These are modern locking systems that do not always require a physical key.

How: Have a professional install a smart lock system for your home. You can usually access these systems using a code, your fingerprint, or even your smartphone.

Why: By eliminating the need for a physical key, you also eliminate the risk of losing or forgetting it.

Tip: Always keep your access codes confidential. And just like regular software, update your smart lock system to keep it secure and functional.

With these practical measures, you will not only avoid the stress and inconvenience of home lockouts but also ensure greater security for your residence. Remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

What to Do When the Unavoidable Home Lockouts Happen

Even with precautions, you might still find yourself locked out. Here is what to do:

Stay Calm: Panic will do no help. Take a deep breath and think of the next best step.

Call a Trustworthy Home Lockout Service: Companies like Sherlock’s Locksmith offer emergency locksmith services to get you back in safely.

Consider Other Entry Points: But only if they are safe. An unlocked back door or window can be your way in.

Refrain from Breaking In: This can cause costly damages or potential injuries. It is best to wait for professional help.

Pittsburgh homeowners, like any others, face the inconvenience of home lockouts. However, by understanding the unique challenges posed by the city’s landscape and lifestyle and by taking proactive steps like lock rekeying and key duplication, you can surely lower your chances of getting locked out. Remember, while the Steel City has its quirks, home lockouts do not have to be one of them. Stay prepared and stay safe!

Emergency Lockout Service From Sherlock’s Locksmith

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