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Deadbolt Locks for Homes: Understanding the Basics

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Many people worry about the safety of their families and themselves. This fear is natural because of all the daily crime and residential burglaries. Providing additional security to your home does not have to be a complex process, though. Deadbolt locks are a great way to do this. In this feature, we will explore the basics of deadbolts and how they can provide a layer of protection for your home. So buckle up, and let us explore the basics of deadbolt locks!

What exactly is a deadbolt?

Deadbolt locks are like extra-strong shields for your home. Just turn a key or enter an access code, and the solid steel or brass bolt slips into place. Thus, it gives you better protection than a regular latch. Plus, deadbolts are an inexpensive way to ensure safety for you and your family. It offers a sense of security without putting too much strain on your wallet.

What are the features of deadbolt locks?

Three primary parts make up a deadbolt. 

The Lock’s Cylinder

The cylinder of a lock represents its heart and soul. It is the receptacle for keys that enable you to unlock the door. A key must fit snugly into the cylinder, like a puzzle piece. A tapered cylinder is much better since it is harder to break into. So to keep your belongings safe, use a tapered cylinder.

A deadbolt lock with single cylinder

The Bolt

The metal part that fastens the door to the frame the bolt. It is made from reinforced steel to withstand any attempt to break in. When locked, the length of the bolt should reach at least an inch above the edge of the door. That ensures that burglars cannot bypass it easily.

The Strike Plate

The strike plate is an important safety feature found in many door frames. The strike plates reinforce the bolt by preventing the bolt from ripping through the door frame if the door is forced open. Use screws that are longer than 1 ½ inches in the door frame for maximum security. Ensure this metal strike plate aligns with the deadbolt in the door. 

What are the types of deadbolt locks?

There are many types of deadbolt locks for your front door. 

Single Cylinder

Single types of deadbolts are the most popular choice for extra security. To open and close it, you must use a key from the outside or turn the knob inside. What a simple way for you to keep your home secure.

Double Cylinder

This type of deadbolt installation offers extra protection. It will be tough to open this lock because it needs a key for both the inside and outside of your door. The double cylinder makes it harder for someone to break in through the windows since you need a key from both sides of the door. Yet beware. You may be unable to escape fast in an emergency with this kind of lock. So before installing one, please give it some serious thought.

Electronic Deadbolt

Electronic locks are like strong and secure mechanical deadbolts but even better. With a keypad or touch screen, you can set up your code so you know that only you can unlock the door. Furthermore, these locks do not connect to the internet. So you can be sure that they are safe and convenient.

Electronic deadbolt locks

Smart Deadbolt Lock

Smart locks are like electronic keys that you can use from your phone. They connect to your home’s Wi-Fi, so you can lock and unlock the front door wherever you are. You can even integrate other smart home devices to help you design a schedule that works for you. With smart lock installation, you do not have to bother if you ever forget to lock the door. Simply check your phone and command it to stay secure. You can even ask Alexa to lock it up for you before bedtime.

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