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Common Commercial Lock Problems and How to Fix Them


In business, security is always something that needs to be taken seriously. Using a commercial lock is a simple way to boost protection. So the last thing you want is to deal with commercial lock problems. Inevitably, commercial door locks are commonly exposed to much abuse. The amount of usage and the general wear and tear they go through can take their toll on them. But do not worry just yet—it might not be a big deal after all. Whether it is jamming, jiggling, or complete non-functionality, our locksmith Pittsburgh experts can help. Keep reading to learn more about fixing common lock issues to protect your business security.

How to Fix Common Commercial Lock Problems

Here are a few tips to help you troubleshoot common commercial lock problems before calling a 24-hour locksmith. From frozen door locks to misaligned deadbolts, this guide will make solving even the most complex locking troubles a breeze.

Key Breakage

If your key breaks inside the lock, do not worry. You can get the broken pieces out with a pair of needle-nose pliers. However, if doing so is too hard, or the broken part is too far in, you should call a professional business locksmith for help. They will be able to get you back in fast and in a safe way.

A user holding a broken key. Broken keys stuck inside locks are among the most common commercial lock problems

Jammed Locks

Keys sometimes do not work because the locks get stuck. That usually happens when there is dirt or something out of place. To fix this, use a lubricant for locks to loosen things up. Put the key in and turn it a few times until the lubricant spreads around. If it still does not open, it might be best to have a professional look at it.

Misaligned Deadbolts

Are you having trouble locking or unlocking a door? You might have a misaligned deadbolt. Look at the strike plate on the frame and move it until it matches the bolt. Replacing the deadbolt or calling a locksmith could help if it is still not working.

Frozen Locks

When it is cold outside, your locks can sometimes freeze. That means you would not be able to open the door. To solve this problem, you can use a special de-icer on the keyhole and turn the key gently. If you do not have a de-icer, use a hairdryer to warm up the lock and unfreeze it. Do not pour hot water or light a fire around the lock, though—this could worsen things.

Worn-out Locks

Locks can get old and worn, making it hard to turn the key and leaving them loose and wobbly. If this happens, you should get a strong new lock that fits your security needs. Get help from an expert locksmith to choose and install the right lock for you.

A locksmith installing a lever lock on a commercial door

Keeping your locks in good shape is important for keeping your business safe. You can usually take care of small lock problems yourself. On the other hand, if things get too complicated or you do not know what to do, it is time to call a professional. A little upkeep and maintenance now will save you from bigger headaches down the road.

Commercial Locksmith Near Me

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