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Auto locks have come a long way since the days of manual keys. Many car door lock options are on the market today, with different features and benefits. Every type of lock, from mechanical to electrical, has security, ease of use, and cost benefits.

In this post, we will talk about the different kinds of automotive locks, their functioning, and their advantages. We will also cover each lock type’s distinctive features, applications, and tips for proper maintenance. By the end of this post, you will have extensive knowledge about car keys’ functionality.

Components of a Car Locking System

Most cars have a central locking system that includes the following:
Door handle: The door handle is the part of the door lock that makes it possible to lock it. Depending on the car’s brand, model, price, and general design, the door handle might be simple or have a fancy chrome-plated design.

A man unlocking a car door lock

Door lock/actuator: This is the main part of a car door lock. The parts that lock and open the door are installed inside the door. In the past, cars had a mechanical system of non-motorized steel lines. On the other hand, modern cars have very advanced central locking systems. 

The latch and an electric motor that controls the central locking device are in the door lock. The latch opens and closes the door, and the motor controls the locks. Electrical drives or motors run latches in modern cars.

Fuel filler cap: The fuel tank cap is a key part of the central locking system. In the past, cars did not have fuel tank locks. On the other hand, modern cars have a lock on the fuel filler cap. A fuel tank cap lock can be opened from inside the car or with a key.

Different Types of Auto Locks

Traditional Key Lock

Traditional car locks are the basic mechanical locks used on vehicles. These locks are typically made of metal and need a key to operate. They lock the doors, trunk, and other parts of a car.

Keyless Entry System

Keyless entry systems allow the driver to open the doors and trunk of the car without using a key. They work with a wireless remote control that uses radio waves to talk to a receiver in the car. Some systems let the driver use the remote to start the car’s engine. 

Smart Lock

Smart locks are locks for cars using Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, and RFID. They add security to cars by letting owners remotely control who can enter them. Smart locks can lock and unlock doors, start the engine, and sometimes turn the car off.

A man having trouble with auto locks

Electronic Ignition Immobilizer System

An electronic ignition immobilizer is a security device in a car’s ignition system to stop the car from being driven without the right key. The immobilizer stops the fuel system from working when an unauthorized key is put into the ignition switch. That prevents the car from starting and stops thieves from hotwiring the car.

Keeping Auto Locks in Good Condition

Clean the locks

Cleaning is the most important part of every maintenance routine. You will need a thin microfiber cloth and a small screwdriver. Wrap the cloth around the tool’s sharp parts. If grease is inside the device, you will need a small amount of a light solvent, like white minerals, to get it out. If not, lemon juice will work just fine.

Lubricate the locks

Choose a dry graphite lube because it is non-sticky and can prevent freezing. Spray the lube right into the hole where the key goes. Put the key in there and turn it to spread the lube well. Use a dry, soft microfiber cloth to remove leftover lubricant around the lock. You should leave a small layer on the lock’s surface, however. That prevents the lock from freezing when it is cold outside, which could lead to you being locked out of car. That will also keep your keys from breaking and help you avoid car key replacement.

Car Locksmith Near Me

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