Sherlock’s Locksmith was recently entrusted with the task of enhancing the security of this commercial property in Pittsburgh, PA. The client asked us to install a robust mortise lock system on one of their exit doors and replace the existing lever trim as well. The goal of this lock replacement job was to make sure the building was safe and secure while also improving access control.

Scope of Lock Replacement

Site Assessment

Our locksmith started the job by doing a full on-site inspection of the commercial property. To find the best mortise lock solution, we carefully looked at the current door hardware and the level of security it needed.

Product Selection

After a thorough check, we suggested a high-quality mortise lock system that met the client’s security needs and budget. The one we selected was very durable and had reliable security features for the client’s peace of mind. For the new lever trim, we simply chose the same style as the old one.


To prepare for the lock installation, we removed the old lever trim and associated hardware. Before installing the new mortise lock, our commercial locksmith first made sure that the door was in perfect working order. That entailed accurate measures and alignment to make sure that everything worked smoothly and safely.

Lock Integration

We made sure that the mortise lock fit perfectly with the door’s original frame and that it met fire safety and accessibility standards. We also put the lock through a lot of tests to make sure it worked, was safe, and was easy to use.

Keying and Rekeying

We provided keying and rekeying services as part of our full service to make sure the client had full control over who could access the property. We worked closely with the client to set up a safe way to keep track of keys.

Client Training

Before we finished the job, our locksmith taught the client and their staff how to use and take care of the new mortise lock system. We also gave the owner advice on how to keep the lock in good shape so that it lasts as long as possible.

The Vital Role of a Robust Mortise Lock System on Exit Doors

For the safety of your commercial space, they must have a strong mortise lock system on exit doors. These durable locks offer a high level of security, making them an important defense against unauthorized access. Because they are strong and have complicated mechanisms, these locks can withstand the efforts of break-ins. In addition, they are compliant with fire safety regulations, which make sure that people can get out quickly and safely in an emergency. To sum up, a solid mortise lock system is an important part of keeping the safety, security, and integrity of a building’s exit doors.

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