Sherlock’s Locksmith recently completed a lock installation service for a business in Pittsburgh, PA. The client requested the installation of a privacy door lever for one of their interior doors. This upgrade will not only enhance privacy but also offer convenience within their premises. Based on what the client wanted, we suggested a privacy door handle from the brand Maxtech. 

Our licensed locksmiths used their skills to install the hardware quickly and correctly, causing little disruption to the business. We followed industry best practices and local security standards. Then, we put the installed privacy door lever through a series of intensive tests to make sure it worked and would not break.

What Are Privacy Door Knobs or Handles?

Privacy door knobs or handles refer to a type of door hardware designed for interior doors. You usually find these door knobs on bathroom or bedroom doors. Most of the time, they have a locking device that lets you lock the door from the inside. Their primary function is not for security but to give people a sense of private or personal space.

Features of Privacy Door Knobs or Handles

Privacy door knobs commonly have a push-button or twist mechanism on the interior side of the door. When activated, this mechanism engages a lock that prevents the door from being easily opened from the outside. But do not worry. In case of an emergency or if you need to get in, there is often a small pinhole or a release button on the outside. Some even have a visible indicator (like a colored button) to signal whether the door is locked or not. This way, it prevents others from accidentally walking in when the room is in use.

Practical Purpose of Privacy Door Knobs

Installing privacy door knobs is useful in many ways, making them a valuable addition to certain areas within a residential or commercial space. Here are some good reasons to put in privacy door knobs:

Enhanced Privacy

Privacy door knobs are specifically designed for rooms where privacy is important. The built-in locking system lets people lock the door from the inside, giving them privacy.

Prevention of Accidental Intrusions

The locking feature of privacy door knobs helps prevent unintentional intrusions. A colored button on the knob lets you know if the door is locked. This design makes it less likely that someone will break in without permission.

Occupant Control

The room occupants have control over when to lock or unlock the door. That gives them the freedom to handle their privacy however they want.

Emergency Release (Optional)

Some models of privacy door knobs and handles include an emergency release feature on the exterior side. That makes sure that the door is easy to open from the outside in case of an emergency or when someone needs to get in right away.

Versatility in Interior Design

Privacy door knobs give you a lot of style options for your interior doors. They come in various styles, finishes, and materials, so you can choose ones that suit and complement the overall aesthetic of your space.

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