A homeowner in Pittsburgh, PA, called Sherlock’s Locksmith for a door lock replacement job on one of their exterior doors. The client wanted to make this particular door safer and easier to use by replacing its old doorknob with a modern lever handle lock. Let us see how our team went on with this door lock replacement job.

Scope of the Door Lock Replacement

Assessment and Consultation

Sherlock’s Locksmith started the job by taking a close look at the client’s current door lock system. In this step, our locksmith carefully checked the door’s current state and talked with the client about their security and usability needs.

Product Selection

Based on our assessment, we recommended installing a high-quality lever handle lock. The lock has better security features and is easier to use, which would improve overall safety and accessibility.

Removal of Existing Doorknob

During the replacement process, our locksmith took off the old doorknob with safety in mind. We took great care not to damage the door or its frame as we worked.

Installation of Lever Handle Lock

We fitted the chosen lever handle lock with great skill. Accurate measurement and alignment ensured that the new lock fit in with the door perfectly.

Testing and Quality Assurance

After installing the new lever handle lock, we put it through a series of strict tests to make sure it worked. We checked that the lock worked properly, with no problems or glitches. Moreover, we tested it to see how well it could resist tampering and how well it could withstand outside forces.

Client Training

Finally, we taught the homeowner how to use and take care of the new lever handle lock. The client now enjoys the higher level of security and ease of use it provides.

Unlocking Advantages: The Superiority of Level Door Locks

Level door locks, or lever handle locks, have several benefits over traditional door knobs. Here are some of the best things about level door locks:


Level door locks are easier to use than door knobs. That makes them better for people with limited hand strength, mobility problems, or disabilities. They need less force to twist or hold on to, which can be helpful for older people, people with arthritis, and other hand problems.

Quick and Easy Entry

Lever handles are easier to use than doorknobs because all you have to do is push them down or pull them up. That can be helpful in an emergency or when you need to carry things with both hands.


Many lever handle locks come with built-in safety features like deadbolts and anti-pick systems that make them just as safe as door knobs, if not safer.

Reduced Wear and Tear

Door knobs wear out over time due to twisting and turning. This kind of wear and tear is less likely to happen to lever handles, which means that hardware will last longer.

Key Considerations When Selecting Lever Door Locks

Here are a few important things you should think about to make sure you get the right lever door lock for your needs:

Security Levels

Figure out the level of security you need. Think about where the door is (front entry, interior, or back door), how safe you want it to be overall, and how often crimes happen in the area. Look for lever door locks with high-security features like pick-resistant cylinders and stronger strike plates.

Door Compatibility

Make sure the lever door lock you pick works with the type of door and its thickness. Not all locks are the same. Some locks may not work with certain types of door materials and thicknesses.

Installation Requirements

Find out if you can put the lever door lock on your own or if you will need to hire someone to help you. Some locks may need to be installed in a certain way.

Still got an old lock on your door? Sherlock’s Locksmith is your go-to solution for all your door lock replacement needs in Pittsburgh, PA. Whether you are looking to upgrade your home’s security with modern lever door locks or need emergency locksmith service, we have got you covered. Do not put your safety at risk. Call us right away for reliable locksmith services. Your safety is our top concern!