Sherlock’s Locksmith was called to replace the deadbolt and knob locks on the front door of a residence in Pittsburgh, PA. The homeowner worried about the worn hardware on their front door. They wanted to make it more secure, so they asked for our professional locksmith service to do the door lock replacement job.

Scope of the Door Lock Replacement

Initial Assessment

Our residential locksmith carefully checked out the current door lock setup. We checked the existing deadbolt and knob locks for damage and looked for any potential problems. Also, we consulted the client about their specific security needs and preferences.

Lock Selection

After speaking with the homeowner, we suggested replacing the deadbolt and knob locks with high-quality options. The products we recommended offer superior resistance against picking, drilling, and other means of forced entry.

Lock Replacement

We replaced the deadbolt and knob locks according to industry best practices and manufacturer specifications. It took special tools and skills for our locksmith to remove the old locks without damaging the door or any of the hardware.

Installation of New Locks

Then we installed the new deadbolt and knob locks with great care. We made sure that the lock mechanism was in perfect alignment and fitted snugly. To ensure smooth operation, we made any necessary adjustments so the new lock could provide the best security.

Testing and Quality Assurance

After the installation was done, we did further tests to make sure that the new locks worked properly. That included testing the operation of the deadbolt and knob locks. We also looked for any potential problems or vulnerabilities.

Final Inspection and Client Satisfaction

Before concluding the lock change, we gave it one last check to make sure it met all the highest standards. Along with installing the new locks, our locksmith showed the homeowner how to use and care for them properly. They were happy with the quality of our service and mentioned that the new locks made them feel safer.

The Importance of Reinforcing a Knob Door with a Deadbolt

Like this client, having a deadbolt to go with a knob door is one of the most proven ways to make your Pittsburgh home safer. A knob door lock is a basic form of security. However, it is very easy to break into or get around it by using brute force or picking. Adding a deadbolt to your front door makes it much harder for intruders to get in. Deadbolts are stronger and last longer than regular knob locks because they engage securely into the door frame. This dual-locking system deters criminals and provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your home is well-protected against intrusion. By combining the security of a deadbolt and the convenience of a knob lock, you can effectively fortify your home’s entry point.

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