Sherlock's Locksmith recently handled a prompt and precise door lock repair for a business in Pittsburgh, PA. The problem involved a storefront door with a mortise lock and a thumbturn cylinder that had become challenging to operate. The business's staff had reported that the thumbturn was becoming increasingly difficult to turn. The lock would occasionally jam, posing both an inconvenience and a security risk.

Scope of the Door Lock Repair

Let us take a closer look at how our team fixed the issue:


When our locksmith got there, we checked out the thumbturn mechanism and found that it was not working as smoothly as it should. There was notable resistance to its operation, too.

Inspection and Identification

To find out what went wrong, we dismantled the lock and found that the internal components of the thumbturn cylinder had worn out. It appeared that all of that frequent use had finally caught up with it, causing it to become stiff and jammed.

Replacement and Alignment

To resolve the issue, our locksmith replaced the damaged parts with compatible replacement parts and aligned them afterward. With this fix, the lock can handle everyday wear and tear and last a long time.

Testing and Confirmation

After putting the lock back together, we checked the thumbturn to make sure it worked well and locked firmly. This test proved that the repair was successful.

In less than an hour, our expert team fixed the lock issue. Now, it is not only functional but also easy to use. With Sherlock's Locksmith's speedy and meticulous service, we kept everything running smoothly and made the business a fortress of security. Feeling a sense of relief, they were finally able to trust that their door lock would function properly. Impressive work!

Expert Tips for Mortise Locks on Your Storefront Doors

Having some issues with those pesky mortise locks on your storefront doors in Pittsburgh, PA? For all business owners, you know too well how to make an effort to ensure the safety of your building. It is absolutely crucial to make sure these vital parts are tight and functioning like clockwork. Many rely on top-notch mortise locks that can stand the test of time. Yet, just like any other lock, they require some TLC and regular upkeep. By closely monitoring your business's security, you can steer clear of pesky issues like jamming or stiffness.

Thus, it is best to have a trustworthy locksmith handle regular commercial lock repairs and assessments to keep your mortise locks in tip-top shape. If you are having trouble with the key or the handle is loose, it may be time to call a professional to fix your door lock. By dealing with these issues promptly, you enhance the lock's security and extend its lifespan. Want to save yourself from the headache and expense of emergency repairs? Just stay on top of maintenance and swiftly address any red flags that pop up.

Have trouble with your storefront door's mortise lock? Does it seem like it is not turning as smoothly as it should? Let us fix that with Sherlock's Locksmith! We are masters at fixing door locks, especially for businesses like yours. Plus, we take our lock repair skills to heart, so you can trust us to handle your commercial locksmith needs with precision and expertise.

Who wants a stuck lock to stop you from doing business in Pittsburgh? So, whether it is a routine fix or an emergency, our commercial lock repair services are here to save the day and secure your premises with lightning speed and precision. Why wait? Call us today to make sure your mortise locks are in tip-top shape and keep your storefront secure and fully functional.