A vigilant property manager in Pittsburgh, PA, called Sherlock’s Locksmith to fix a serious problem with an exit door knob lock. This lock served a door with a panic bar, which is an important safety feature for a quick exit in an emergency. The issue was that the knob lock would not properly engage or disengage. Below is an overview of the door lock repair.

Scope of the Door Lock Repair

Assessment and Diagnosis

Our locksmith inspected the lock mechanism and other parts to find the exact cause of the problem. After a closer look, we found wear and tear on the lock’s internal mechanism from years of use and poor maintenance. 

Disassembly and Cleaning

Then, to get to its internal parts, we took the lock apart with precision and care. After that, we cleaned it to get rid of any buildup of dirt and rust in and out.

Repairs and Replacements

Next, we fixed the worn-out components and replaced those beyond repair with high-quality ones. To make sure they last and function at their best, we sourced them from trusted manufacturers.

Lubrication and Calibration

We used the right lubricant to make sure that moving parts worked with no issues. Then, we calibrated the panic bar and lock to get them back to working and aligning properly.

Testing and Validation

Thorough testing of the fixed lock system ensured it worked well and met safety standards. This time, our locksmith made sure it fitted perfectly with the panic bar device.

Working locks on exit devices are crucial to the building security and the safety of occupants and assets. Exit devices, often found on doors in commercial and public buildings, are crucial for getting out of buildings quickly in case of an emergency. It is just as important for an exit device to have a lock that works. That way, no one else can get in without permission, and the building stays safe on a normal day.

Ensuring Building Security and Safety with Reliable Locks on Exit Devices

Life Safety

In times of emergency, like fires, natural disasters, or security threats, exit devices with working locks are very important for keeping people safe. By allowing limited access, these locks keep people from getting in without permission. In times of chaos and panic, reliable locks offer peace of mind and help people leave safely, lowering the risk of injuries or deaths.

Property Protection

In addition to keeping people safe, exit devices with working locks also help keep goods and assets off limits. In an emergency, locking up exit points stops thieves from taking advantage of weak spots to intrude or do damage. Sturdy locks keep out possible threats, protect the building’s integrity, and lower the costs of theft, vandalism, or sabotage.

Compliance and Liability

In order to meet safety protocols and building codes, it is necessary to install and maintain exit device locks at all times. Disregarding these rules could lead to legal issues and fines for property owners or managers. By making maintenance of exit device locks a priority, businesses show they care about safety and lower their risk of litigation for non-compliance or negligence.

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