Sherlock’s Locksmith is pleased to present our latest digital lock installation project in Pittsburgh, PA. Our valued client asked us to replace their old electronic door lock with one that has WiFi built right in. After thorough consultation and consideration of their requirements and budget, we suggested the most optimal choice for their property.

Scope of the Digital Lock Installation

Initial Consultation

Our client wanted to bring their access control system up to date while also making it more secure and functional. We suggested installing the Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt to meet the client’s needs for security and convenience. 

Door Assessment

Our team did an on-site evaluation to see if the existing door boreholes were compatible with the proposed smart lock. To ensure proper installation, we checked the door frame and took precise measurements.

Installation Process

Following the manufacturer’s instructions and best practices in the business, our technician installed the lock. We carefully set up the wiring and connectivity so that they would work with the client’s current WiFi network and smart home devices.

Configuration and Testing

After installing the digital lock system, our team set it up with user codes and remote access and synced it with the client’s chosen smart home platform. We tested all the features to make sure they worked right, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Client Training and Support

We taught the client everything they needed to know to use the smart lock’s advanced features. Also, we offered ongoing technical help to address any questions or fix issues that could come up after the installation. With this support, the client had a seamless user experience overall.

Reasons to Upgrade to a Smart WiFi Deadbolt

Getting a smart WiFi deadbolt for your front door has many benefits. Here are a few solid reasons you should make the switch:

Remote Access

With a smart WiFi deadbolt, you can use your phone or another internet-connected device to lock and unlock your front door from anywhere. This feature is the most convenient thing ever. It lets you grant access to guests, service workers, or family members from afar, even when you are not at home.

Integration with Smart Home System

Smart WiFi deadbolts work with smart home systems like Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa with no problems. With this integration, voice control is possible, so you can use simple speech commands to lock and unlock your door.

Keyless Entry

Say goodbye to physical keys and the trouble of digging through your bag or pockets to find them. Smart WiFi deadbolts let you get into your home without a key by using PIN codes or biometric authentication. That is a safe and easy way to get in.

Activity Monitoring

A lot of smart WiFi deadbolts have activity logs that keep track of when and who enters and leaves your home. That lets you know what is going on in your home and makes it safer by letting you keep an eye on who is getting in.

Customized Access Control

You can give family members, guests, or service providers their unique entry codes with a smart WiFi deadbolt. You have more control over who comes into your home and when because you can easily give or take away access codes.

Convenient Alerts and Notifications

Smart WiFi deadbolts send instant alerts and notifications on your phone whenever someone locks or opens your door. That gives you peace of mind and keeps you up to date on everything going on in your home.

Do you want a smart digital lock on your front door? At Sherlock’s Locksmith, professional lock installation is what we do best! We can do everything from installing high-tech smart locks to careful repairs and regular upkeep. The safety of your Pittsburgh home is our top concern, and our team is here to give you peace of mind by providing reliable residential locksmith services. Do not wait. Contact us today to book a service appointment.