A client in Pittsburgh, PA, recently had an urgent need for commercial lock repair and called us for help. The building owner reported a malfunctioning keyed cylinder and panic hardware on their storefront door, so our team at Sherlock’s Locksmith acted quickly to check it out. When we looked more closely, we saw that the lock cylinder and panic device were both clogged with dirt and grime. Rust and wear implied prolonged exposure to harsh weather and neglect of routine maintenance.

Scope of the Commercial Lock Repair

Here is how we dealt with the issue:


With extreme caution, we took apart both the lock cylinder and panic device to access the internal components.


Next, we removed all the dirt and grime in and out of the door lock. With a thorough cleaning, all the mechanism’s internal parts were free of dirt, dust, and anything that could rust. 

Repair and Replacement

With utmost care, we fixed and replaced the damaged parts to restore full functionality.

Realignment and Lubrication

After fixing the damaged parts, we realigned the lock mechanism with the door frame and lubricated the lock and door hardware. With proper lubrication, we hoped to extend the lock’s lifespan by preventing a future buildup of dirt and reducing wear.


The building owner was really glad and satisfied with our work. They appreciated our quick but thorough repair of their lock and panic bar, making their storefront secure again. Our detailed approach not only fixed the problem but also made the hardware more resistant to wear and weather issues. Our team left the client feeling confident in their choice to call Sherlock’s Locksmith.

What You Can Do to Prevent Rust on Commercial Lock

Are you a building owner in the busy streets of Pittsburgh, PA, struggling with a rusted commercial lock? Rust is not just a minor annoyance. It is a serious issue that can weaken your lock and panic hardware, leading to the need for lock repair. Yet, how can you stop rust before it starts? 

Regular maintenance is your first line of defense. Applying a protective lubricant for metal parts can block moisture—the primary cause of rust. So, if you notice any rust or wear early on, you must fix the problem before it gets worse.


What about protecting your locks from Pittsburgh’s unpredictable weather? Weatherproof covers can shield your locks from rain and snow, and make sure water drains away from your doorways to stop moisture from gathering. If you spot rust, do not delay. Call a locksmith Pittsburgh at once for a commercial door lock repair. Taking these simple and easy steps now can save you from bigger headaches sooner or later. So, keep your commercial locks and panic hardware intact and reliable.

Are you dealing with rust or grime buildup on your commercial door locks in Pittsburgh, PA? Do not let these lock enemies compromise the security of your building. At Sherlock’s Locksmith, we are experts in commercial lock repair services designed to tackle even the toughest lock issues. Whether it is preventing rust from forming or fixing locks that have already suffered damage, our expert team has the skills and experience to get the job done right. Do not wait for these lock dangers to weaken your security. Contact us today and ensure your locks are strong, secure, and worry-free.