Sherlock’s Locksmith recently addressed a commercial lock repair at an office building in Pittsburgh, PA. The administrative staff reported issues with the lever handle lock on the conference room door, which was problematic to lock and unlock.

Scope of the Commercial Lock Repair

Let us take a peek at how our locksmith did this lock repair:

Lock Inspection

When we arrived, we examined the lever handle and the separate lock cylinder above it. Upon a closer look, we found that the lock cylinder was slightly offset from its normal position. This misalignment is often a sign of wear and tear from frequent use in a high-traffic area like a conference room.

Lock Disassembly and Cleaning

We disassembled the lock to inspect and clean the inside parts. This step helped us find and fix any old or broken parts that were causing the misalignment. 

Lock Repair and Realignment

After cleaning, we fixed and replaced the damaged parts as needed. We then realigned the lock cylinder and lever handle to ensure a smooth operation.

Lock Lubrication

To prevent future issues and maintain trouble-free operation, we lubricated all moving parts of the lock and door hardware.

Lock Testing

Before considering the repair complete, we tested the lock multiple times to see if it locked and unlocked without problems. 

The client could not stop raving about how our commercial locksmith pulled off this urgent lock situation with lightning speed and flawless precision. They were beyond thrilled with how lightning-fast we fixed the issue, bringing their conference room door back into use. This commercial lock repair not only fixed the immediate problem but also made the door more reliable and bolstered office security.

Why Opt for Commercial Lever Door Handle on Office Doors

Are you looking for ways to make your job in Pittsburgh, PA, easier and safer? Commercial lever handles might be the best choice for you. Not only do these handles work well, but they also look sleek and professional, which can make your office look better. This lever handle is great for places with a lot of foot traffic, like conference rooms and major entrances. Its ergonomic design makes it easier to open and close doors with just a simple push. This feature comes in handy in an office where people often carry documents or other stuff—no need to juggle everything just to open a door.

Additionally, designers create commercial lever door handles with accessibility in mind. They adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), making them accessible to everybody, including those with limited hand strength. This feature is crucial for building an inclusive workplace in which all employees can move around the office with ease. These locks on your workspace are not only more useful, but they also promote inclusivity.

Just as important as the hardware itself is choosing the right commercial locksmith to install these locks. It is important to have a trusted locksmith on your list to make your office doors safer and work better. Thus, it is best to have a locksmith Pittsburgh expert install these handles so that they are compliant and easy to use. When you choose these lever door handles, you are making your workplace safer, more efficient, and accessible to everyone. 

Is your office in Pittsburgh, PA, struggling with a stubborn door lock? Do not let a faulty door handle disrupt your workday! At Sherlock’s Locksmith, we specialize in commercial lock repair, ensuring your lever door handles are always in top shape. Our expert locksmiths are ready to make your office doors safer and more useful—just give us a call. Contact us right away for quick and dependable service that keeps your office running smoothly.