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The City of Pittsburgh has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and like other cities around the world, it has had to adapt to new and necessary constraints.

While millions upon millions of people have been affected by the pandemic, and businesses have suffered, the city of Pittsburgh has not let its city collapse. In fact, it is working with the Department of Public Safety and Emergency Management Agency, as well as the Allegheny County Health Department and Pennsylvania Department of Health to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The City of Pittsburgh is committed to continuing operations throughout this pandemic.


How Businesses Kept Going in Pittsburgh, PA

This pandemic has been a nightmare for the city to manage. Every department was faced with one question: How can we keep the business going amidst this crisis? For PGH Streets and Mobility Task Force, it came down to redesigning the city streets and re-conceiving transportation, mobility, and access in order to best support businesses and residents. The task force was created in 2017. As part of DOMI, the newest department of the City of Pittsburgh that is responsible for the transportation of people and goods throughout the city as well as managing the operation of and access to the right-of-way i.e sidewalks, curbs, streets, and bridges.

The city of Pittsburgh has had to face many challenges since the pandemic, but they have been able to keep business thriving through the help of a new program: the Temporary Outdoor Dining & Retail Program. “Curb is king” and this program has helped businesses provide outdoor space for dining and promote social distancing in Pittsburgh.

Online ordering, pickup or delivery, and/or curbside services have helped businesses in Pittsburgh keep afloat as well. Making curbside pick-up, delivery, and vehicle queuing vitally important for restaurants and retailers.

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Temporary Outdoor Dining & Retail Program

The Pittsburgh City Council has given the green light for increased outdoor dining and retail opportunities in public spaces. The new standards guidelines give authority to the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI), through the issuance of licenses, to permit the use of a portion of the public right-of-way for food and retail services. 

The new Outdoor Dining and Retail License streamlines regulations, standards, and procedures for outdoor dining or retail activities to better serve the businesses in Pittsburgh. This new order will also be putting into place new expectations for license holders. It’s to maintain accessibility, appearance, safety, and maintenance as a part of the privilege for the use of public space. 

Permits For Businesses For Outdoor Dining In Pittsburgh

Now, as we have stated, there were still rules that businesses in Pittsburgh needed to abide by. Rules such as having a clear and accessible pedestrian pathway of at least 6 feet. The outdoor dining setup must not block any fire hydrants, emergency exits, and more. They also needed necessary approvals from the City’s Zoning and Permits, Licensure, and Inspection groups besides DOMI. If alcohol is served by the business, it must abide by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board regulations and more. 

Electric Powered Micro-Mobility Devices

While the Temporary Outdoor Dining & Retail Program has helped businesses afloat, another issue become prominent. The use of Electric powered micro-mobility devices for restaurant deliveries. While not an issue before, due to the businesses setting up outdoor dining, these e-bicycles can be dangerous if handled incorrectly. And due to the prices of gasoline being high, more businesses use these e-bicycles as their mode of delivery.

Now DOMI has implemented a new law that does not wish to penalize people who use these devices but to provide guidance to those who use these electronic devices. This guidance shows the appropriate use and operation of powered micro-mobility devices for the City of Pittsburgh with a focus on promoting safe, harmonious operations in public spaces.

The DOMI guidance for micro-mobility devices is to ensure that these small-scale mobility devices with a 10 MPH speed are allowed on non-commercial sidewalks, paved multi-use trails, as well as roadways. However, those with 20 MPH speed, are only allowed on paved multi-use paths and trails, and also allowed on roadways. Lastly, those with 25 MPH micro-mobility devices, are only allowed on roadways and not on any right-of-way. This order from DOMI promotes safety but also provides support for low-emission, compact and affordable ways of travel.

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